Wednesday, 18 March 2015

February Knitting Retreat

Before I got caught up with all the Edinburgh goings on I had a lovely Knitting Retreat with June.
June was given this Retreat by her husband and I hoped that she would like it.

June baught me this before we even started    No Pressure

It started with a ... Nostepnne , then various cast ons, then continental....

Lavina who was staying as a guest made us lunch so we had to celebrate with a glass of vino
We had to experience knitting in my favourite café- I know its all about ME and what I like to do!!! ;o)
Another visit to Cove Harbour, I don't think I will ever tire of this place.
We had to experience Knitting in a Pub  - (Do I really need an excuse!!!!) 
Mad dash sewing up these slippers so that we could put them in the washing machine
I thought we (I) had gone a bit far in the felting (shrinking) process and June was very kind about it....
Well we worked on them and they fitted like a glove or should I say slipper. Another satisfied customer
As it turned out she was the only one who was signed up to it, I did let her know and told her that she could change it but she decided to go ahead and by her comments and lovely smile I think she enjoyed it.

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