Friday, 31 August 2007

Sculptured Knitting

I just happened to mention that I was trying some Sculptured Knitting, what I meant to say was I was just messing with it, one or two asked how it turned out. Well ;D It is such a silly thing. What do you think?

Camera at last

I meant to write something long before now, and put pictures up but lots happened.
I still clean for one or two people and the husband of one of the ladies that I clean for said that I could borrow his digital camera, that was on Tuesday, well I was delighted and thought that was me back on track, but no, I took some photos, put the memory card in the computer, put it back into the camera and the camera kept saying CARD ERROR, the photos that were on the computer didn't want to be used either. I bought a new memory card and took the camera back to Phil, He was great about it. I also bought a new camera, no more borrowing.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Please sun Stay

Y sent a comment wondering about the sun, it has been sunny all day from the time the sun came up. Hopefully it will be like this tomorrow, and hopefully we will have some live trad music to accompany a lovely day and lovely setting.
An exciting bit of news, there has been sightings of Minky Whales just of the coast near St Abbs Head. Wonderful!!
I did a little sculptured knitting last night, with wire and Alpaca Yarn, then tried to felt it, it was interesting to say the least.
Must dash, as customers keep coming into the shop. :D

Saturday, 25 August 2007

sunny saturday

What started out to be a bit chilly blustery day turned out to be a wonderful sunny day,
Lots of yarn talk, i was just saying to V. another yarn addict who came into the shop today, I don't know about anyone else,but the more I touch yarn, read about yarn the more I want to do and experiment with,but here is the main thing--- the more I realize I don't know a thing about yarn, there is so much out there and so many skilled people.
I must tell you about a knitted garment someone brought into the shop ( I ask people to bring things in to show me) Well she brought in her Grey Hound ( yes the 4legged variety) wearing a dog jumper that its mistress had made out of a self patterning pure wool yarn. She is going to take a photo and email it to me so I will put it on display when I can
I have a house full of B&B guests as its the bank holiday weekend so I had better go and look after them

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Camera Lament

I know I haven't had my camera for long at all. for about 2weeks, but I am lost without it. I would love to show photos on the site, you would have thought that my ever loving little sis would have made sure when she gave me her cast off camera that she would have given me a decent one!!!!!!! Seriously though, I have two of the best sisters in the world who are both kind and supportive, both in my life and the projects that I take on.
If I had my camera I would have shown you the view from my chair in the shop, it is lovely, corn fields (although the corn has been a little flattened with all the wind and rain)and blue sky.
If I had my camera I would have taken a photo of the necklace that I have just finished.
If I had my camera I would have taken a photo of the scarf knitted from the fashion yarn that just arrived yesterday It is what I call a silly scarf made using 15mm needles.
If I had my camera......................
If I had my camera.....................
If I had my camera...........................

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Rain rain go away come again when we need you

Its like winter here,
Can you believe the summer we have had.
When I go home, I am going to light the fire, open a bottle of wine, have a glass, get out some knitting and listen to an audio bookor watch an old film--mmmmmmmmmmmm
Stuart is away for the day driving people round Loch Ness.
We had people staying with us for B&B last night and they were going to go diving today but they would have been disapointed.
Although I can think of nothing nicer than being nice and cozy watching a rough sea at St Abbs

Wednesday, 15 August 2007


I have just got the most lovely yarn in the shop--------- CASHMERE
Hand spun - wow
Cashmere and silk
I want to start knitting with it NOW.

I also have got some CAMEL yarn just to see what its like, in 4ply and 12ply, silly me -I thought that natural would be a lovely off white like the cashmere but natural camel is --camel coloured !! ;o)

My camera has just decided to stop working, so no photos.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Old Friends

What a lovely surprise !!
I was near the shop picking strawberries when a voice called out hello, it was the voice of an old friend I hadn't seen for ages along with her husband and three girls They live in Ireland, It was lovely to see them, I am now thinking of all the things I should have said and asked.
Peter has got his own boat building business

Thursday, 9 August 2007

New Lambswool Yarn

I have just got a load (yes, just about a lorry load as my father would say) of some lovely local Lambs wool.
This is all Arran weight, someones going to be busy, Oh and that is a little of my knitting using the alpaca(from the scottish borders) yarn.
Must dash, lots to do. I need someone to tidy up after me, any volunteers?

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Ruby's Scarves

Better Late than never,
It has been such a lovely day today, I was supposed to do so much but surprise surprise, tomorrow is another day!
Just before I closed the shop yesterday Ruby came in, Ruby is a lady who is on holiday and she came for the first time on Sunday and bought some Alpaca Yarn, from the Scottish Borders I might add ( have I said that before), then she came in on Monday for another ball and some mohair and this is what she showed me on Tuesday
Its amazing, what will she do with the other mohair I wonder, we can just wait and see.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

For Auld Lang Syne

Friends, where would we be without them.

I have just the best of friends, they are very patient, understanding, kind. When I don't contact them for ages because of whatever is going on in my life, we pick up the threads of our lives and carry on as if the chasm of time has never existed.

Thank you friends xxxx

Today someone was asking if I would do a jewelry workshop on line, what do you think? would anyone else be interested.

What do you think of this sock yarn made into this wonderful baby set?

Its lovely isn't it? A lady called Marga knitted it and she is knitting some of the same but in a local Alpaca Yarn plain knit, then when I get it in, in some cashmere, can't wait.

Tomorrow I will show you how my Alpaca scarf is getting on.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Monday Morning Blues

I was just about to say goodmorning, then looked at the time - where does it go?

Good afternoon!!!! At last I have got the cashmere organised and ordered, and making plans to not only dye it, but make Baby Clothes with it. I sell Alpaca baby cloths which is wonderful, but I can't think of anything nicer on a baby than cashmere.

Over the weekend I knitted some more jewelry, I am finding jewelry my new 'socks' at the moment - can't put the needles down.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

windy wet wednesday

After a few absolutely glorious days I woke up to rain, I knew it was too good to be true. What a shame for the holiday makers.
As you can see it is dry at the moment and the barometer shows going on to fair.

At least it gives me some time to sort things out in the shop, and finish of editing the web site. Talking about the web site, what takes 1 normal human being a day is taking me about 20 to sort out the site.
On a positive note though, I am learning as I am going along and can only get faster.