Monday, 9 June 2008


It was around last September that Frances Gardener and another Frances came into the shop an each of them bought 2ply cashmere, and this is the result...............
This is 2ply 100%pure cashmere and it just feels like a cloud, wonderful..pure luxury.

The Cashmere shawl is hanging next to 2 beautiful Cashmere throws from Johnstons of Elgin
I just want you to feel this, it is just amazing!!!!!!!!!
We are now going up into the rafters with this lovely felted Jacket

This is an Aran jumper knitted with the lovely Aran from New Lanark wool Museum

Sunday, 8 June 2008

I am Back

Wow, my last entry was the third of April, I am back, and hopefully here to stay.
Last weekend Woolfish had a stand at Gardening Scotland Trudi and Linda were just great at the show, as was Grace who came on Saturday.

Both Linda and Grace are at the Woolfish Knitting Group.

Trudi modeling and knitting scarves