Friday, 30 December 2011

lost and found photos of trip to oban

My Friend Haydee had booked a weeks holiday in Oban so i thought I would gatecrash and spend a couple of days with her -I have family in Oban and on Seal and thought I could kill two birds with one stone ;0)

Haydee came into the shop today and I asked her why I didn't have any photos of Oban and she said I was too busy laying on pavement ....( my parking ticket blew out of my hand and went right under the car .... well you can imagine the rest, Haydee wanted to get another ticket BUT i was determined... I did get it in the end) .....spending time chatting to my family (we had to do this in the chocolate shop... I recommend their chocolate fondue..mmm.....we also had to go to my cousin,s restaurant The Seafood Temple ....ranked no 1 out of 46 restaurants in Oban on Trip advisor-- well done cuz)

Anyway we noticed info about the Seafari, so we went on the wild life trip and then went on another trip to the Corryvrecken. Fabuuuulous

here are a few pics
Easdale - where we got the boat


what a privilege to be there at the right time to see these wonderful creatures
then on to the Whirlpools, it was totally amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiiiiiing

we then got the ferry to Easdale Island
Should we then go to Paris? Basra? maybe Sydney? or.............................
I took a long time to make up my mind!!!
yes you guessed it The Pub won......... anyway I had a pint........of...........Squat Lobsters
near the ferry we saw these two love birds
no wonder i couldn't use the phone

Back to the car (well i had my rusty old clapped out van but thought this looked better)

what a wonderful day

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dec 29th

I have been going through photos on my phone and found these two pictures of my niece modelling a couple of jumpers we have in the shop. I think she is wasted working in one of Londons' top law firms. She could be earning peanuts as a model.

just a pair of wrist warmers made out of aran wool

these photos I took today, it has been a lovely day after the very stormy weather yesterday and through the night

fingerless mitts knitted out of the glorious Mirasols Akapana which is extremely soft made up of 65% baby Llama, 25% meino wool & 10% Donegal. In between other knitting I am knitting a headband/ear warmers to match

this photo is the aran swing coat that is a free pattern on our web site, i thought the colours seemed to be just right

Monday, 19 December 2011

woolfish woolie things

I Borrowed a camera from Garry and played with it and here are a few pics I took yesterday

Friday, 16 December 2011

This little cuttie is a wonderful addition to my sister Alison's family
Totally spoilt..... do you know the rug that is in her basket.. 100% cashmere from Woolfish!!!!! They tell me that is is only being used until a replacement rug can be found. we will see !!!!

The proud father

Please let me help you in the office

found this amazing photo, if you need some wool look no further!!!!!!