Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wonderwool Wales

I found this photo of Nathan strutting his stuff on the Sheepwalk at Wonderwool Wales

Both Trudi and Nathan did really well and got 2nd prize for the display
When I said that I was hoping to go next year, they both jumped at the chance of going.
Hopefully Woolfish will have a presence there!!!!!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Visit to Loch Carron Mill

While at the Dryburgh Abbey Knitting Retreat we visited Loch Carron Mill in Selkirk
It was (once again) a very interesting


Dryburgh Abbey

While at the Knitting Retreat at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel we went next door to Dryburgh Abbey, It was sooooo Fascinating

Sir Walter Scott and his wife and other members of his family are buried here
I just loved all the stonework

It was a lovely addition to the Knitting Retreat

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Visit to see Yarn Bombing in Eyemouth

The fabulous girls from the \Knitting Bee in Barrhead came to Eyemouth last Sunday to see the yarn bombing
Pamela texted me to see about meeting up, it was great to see everyone again
9 of the group had come to a Knitting Retreat at the beginning of July
 we also went to the Tavern and had our Sunday lunch, good meal, and very reasonable too
 Gina (at the far end)joined us for a wee while and she has the Whimaleerie which is a wonderful shop selling all things crafty
 Fiona Lough( a new recruit to the Knitting Bee) in the left of the photo (in green) had never been to Eyemouth before, but she found out that many in the knitting group were coming to Eyemouth,
Fiona had a very special reason for coming to Eyemouth, her Great Grandfather John Lough was from Eyemouth and had died in the Eyemouth Fishing Disaster

Retreat Knitting and Exploring

Jenny sent me a card and she wrote this:-
  New friends - Aran ends
Slipper Knitting - Wine sipping
   Log blazing - Star gazing
            Cliff walking - Night time talking
      Sun rise - North sea
  Warm scones - Friendly teas
Autumn in St Abbs
for all the above and more, thanks Louise
Another lovely group
Knitted slippers before they were felted

 in the afternoons we did a little site seeing ( or should that be sight seeing, not sure)
We went to Cove Harbour and I just loved the stone and the rocks and what the sea had done to them

July Weekend Knitting Retreat

In July we had our first Knitting Retreat and  after our first evening meal we all knitted napkin rings which were all lovely and different.
Don't the all look lovely at the breakfast table?
Kirsty is modelling our arm knitted dress, which was fun, although it was not needed because it was sooo warm
I am so sorry girls that I didn't take more photos
But we had a ball

The 'Twins'

Also in September we another Retreat, that's when Debs and Jo came, they are identical twins!!!!
and I sure I bored them with all the usual chat about twins, BUT
they were not only amaaaazing knitters but prolific too.
They kept showing me all these photos of various projects
No pressure!!!!! aaaaagh
Yet they want to come back and bring friends.
To be honest I think they like the knitting environment, not that I can teach them, because they could teach me a thing or two, although they were very kind and said they did go home with a few new skills
 Lace Knitting
OOOOOOOps and we HAD to go to the Coffee Shop, The girls liked it they even went there twice!!!!

I corrected these photos before I downloaded them but the came here like this, I suppose if you stand on your head you will see who is in the photos

Instead of doing a Bracelet, Debs (I think) made this and if I canfind it I will look out a photo of a candle burning in the glass

Monday, 10 November 2014

Amaazing Skies

Like so many other people I am fascinated and in awe of skies
 The above was taken at Scotts View near Melrose
 These photos were taken just near my house on the way to Coldingham

 The Sky was still amaaaaazing when we arrived in Coldingham
 A couple of days after I went to Edinburgh ad loved this skyline
Which then reminded me of when I went to Edinburgh v early one morning and it was misty, I went to do some work on the Royal Mile and saw the sun rising   It was breath taking

New 4* Hotel in Oban added to Retreat List

In November 2015 we are going to have a Knitting Retreat in the luxury Hotel in Oban,
The Manor House Hotel
This Small hotel has even had Royalty stay here
The Hotel is a perfect base to visit the Islands and much more
For more info check our website

Catching Up - Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

I arrived early at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel and created a 'wee' shop
we sat at this window with a view of the Tweed. it was so easy to be distracted by all the squirrels collecting nuts and burying them, the views were amaaaazing
Many looked roung the Abbey on the first afternoon which they found fascinating
Olive was a wonderful character and her knitting was great, she had a couple of jumpers she had made and is obviously a perfectionist, as was Sheila's knitting, it was extremely fine and delicate.
Olives niece Sue, said she didn't do so much knitting but the tubular/double knitting was perfect
 We had a wander round Loch Carrin Mill, I hadn't been here before, but made up for lost time.It was well worth a visit and hope to look at it again next week

 A little old loom as well as lovely yarn
A good time was had by all, although poor Pat was not very well especially on the last day.
It was a shame, we were going to do invisible mending and I had organised to do that on our last morning but Pat was not very well.
I would like to say that I was very impressed with all the projects that both Pat and her sister Audrey had done, especially the blanket which was covered in Swiss darned birds