Thursday, 31 July 2008

tea cozy?hat?

Well, after borrowing a tea pot from Muriel,I took these photos,

It has been admired and a few people have asked to try it on, I don't know if that says something , may be I should start knitting.
I was pleased with the way it felted,quite a different look.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Retro Yarn

Before I start going on about yarn, I must just mention a lady who came into the shop today,her name is Joan, she is an amazing elderly lady, anyway she asked if I had some cheaper wool because she crochets hats for an orphanage in Romania, she has made about 180 so far and her goal is to make 800 , one for each child in the orphanage/s she crochets for.
she likes oddments and because of trying to get change I just didn't think to give her some wool that I have tucked away,please if her grand daughter who was with her is reading this please tell her I have some more yarn for her hats.
Anyway we have just got this yarn in, it is Retro by Adriafil, I knitted one ball up and it is amazing, I would like to make a tea cozy and then felt it, I know I am mad because it is wonderful as it is but it is made up of 96%wool so I am just interested in how it will turn out

Wonderful isn't it, I am hopefully going to felt it tonight if I just get on and knit the other half of the tea cozy, Hopefully you will see the finished product tomorrow.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

More Wool

We have so many new yarns in stock and now that my camera is working again I can let you see some of the photos.

Trudi has organized them so well.

Also lots of new sock yarn and some of the old favourites.

This Manos yarn is wonderful, a mixture of silk and Merino wool.

This (Noro Yarn) is what Maria has knitted and is at this moment felting it to then cut it and stitch it up to make a baby's cot blanket/cover. It is at the moment 18' long so we will just have to wait and see what happens, I will try and keep you posted if she lets me see it or even talks to me ever again as it was my suggestion, I sit here trembling.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Golden Wedding

We have got lots of new sock yarn just in. Come and have a look

I know this has nothing to do with knitting but I thought I would just share these few pictures with you.This was the Golden Wedding of my parents,
The reception was in a marque at my Christels (my sisters) house, the marque was put up by my nephews Martin, Richard and Ross. It was pouring with rain on the day but everything was lovely. Having the day off I enjoyed doing the flowers and having the time to do it

My parent with their half a dozen grand children -Sheryl, Ross, Trudi, Richard, Rachel, and Martin

This wonderful cake came all the way from Germany and was made by my cousine Jeanette