Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Last minute shopping.......aaaarrgh!!!!!

Just to let you know that 
if you are wanting to call into the shop 
for some holiday purchases, 
please just give us a ring when you're needing to come by 
and we'll be there for you....
bit cheesy but you get the gist! 
Louise is due to be near the shop all day Saturday,
so if you do pop round, if she isn't in give her a buzz
and she'll be there in 2mins.
Louise - 07861389224

(lots of finished things to buy eg. Handwarmers, Cashmere Hats, Throws, Slippers, Scarves, Socks, this Jacket and the pink one in the background below - hope it's given you some ideas)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Fishy Assistants and Consultants!

The big fish had a business lunch on Wednesday with her wonderful, fandabbydozey, best-thing-since-sliced-bread(well the big fish seems to think so anyway!) consultant:

Okaaay, so yes, her consultant IS her daughter Trudi aka wee fish.....but she does seem to do a reasonable job - consulting not daughtering!
So as a result of the big fish getting organized you may have noticed that the website is undergoing a few changes and our apologies for any awkwardnesses you may have come across but sometimes it gets higglety-pigglety before it can get streamlined - just like us really - but Louise's assistant is sorting it all out:

When we keep her from being distacted that is! 
Oooooh, ball of WOOL! Plotting attack route...

So there you have it, website being renewed, blog getting regular posts and the big fish being nagged for more retreat dates......the assistant and consultant have it all under control...ish!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Big Fish Saw Stonehenge.....


On her way home from her adventures in quiltland......


.....where these lovely quilts were on display, made by this colourful gentleman (who we might be seeing again soon slightly closer to home( keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks to find out what I mean!))....

Kaffe Fassett - look at the colours, wowzer!

....she spotted this:
What the big fish saw

'Eh?', I hear you say. Try this:

I zoomed in but no.... no idea.
Oh, I think she sort of, from a distance, saw this:

Not quite what the big fish managed to capture!
So the big fish was thrilled that she saw Stonehenge...sort of, maybe she was squinting a bit!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Quilted Gallivanting

The 'big fish' went a-gallivanting all the way to London. 
On a well-deserved break, Louise headed off to the bright lights of the big city to visit friends and family (oh, yeah, and fit in a 3 day quilting show at Shepton Mallet!).
Absolutely Spoilt

Getting spoilt by friends in Mill Hill, 
taken to the pub, wined and dined
......and being thrilled by 
microwave popcorn!!!!
A room with a view...of London!

Cousin Rhiannon...nom,nom,nom.

Then on to visiting family in Kensington to 
become a lady-wot-lunches, and 
goes out for breakfast!

And finally...back to work at The West Country Quilt Show alongside these stunning works of art.

These are quilts!! As Louise would say 'amaaaazing'. If you're nearby, why don't you pop in and visit her, stand no. 91.....
Sock yarn,'s sooo colourful.
Gorgeous Selkirk tweeds.
Big ones, small ones, lalalalala....

And the famous Woolfish jacket/shawl pin.

.....and you might even bump into Kaffe Fassett who is guesting at the show today!