Thursday, 25 September 2008

John, the number one knitter

Yesterday John came into the shop with his wife and it was a joy to have a man come into the shop who didn't do an about turn and walk out of the shop.-- what is it about men (most men)that when they get a glimpse of wool they come over all a tremble and are sooooooo uncomfortable they work out what is the quickest way out of the shop.

Anyway John proceeded to tell me he wins allot of first prizes with his lace weight shawls and just loves knitting.

So today, in he walks and he brought some of the work that he had with him(he is on holiday)
See what you think, isn't he clever

Isn't that great, I need to keep practicing to be able to get to that level.

Tomorrow I will try my best to show you some of the things I have got on the go.