Monday, 21 April 2014

And More from the April Retreat

Even though we started this phone sock yesterday, here we have Alison casting off, which is so exciting just seeing the knitting open up

 and then turning it right side out (the way we/Louise knits the Double knitting is Wrong side out)

Didn't she do well???!!!!
 This is some simple lace knitting. also we learnt how to attach beads as you are knitting, instead of adding beads on to the yarn
Isn't it very effective
Can you remember when we went to the beach looking for shells....

Well... we took them home and washed them
we then threaded them onto the wire
Can you believe that both these girls had never knitted with wire before and look what the achieved, I thought their bead placement was wonderful

You know.... even though after the Retreat I was dead tired, I thoroughly enjoyed being host to two wonderful girls, I laughed loads, and had a really enjoyable time( Is that allowed, when \i am running the thing)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day 2 of April Retreat- 'Incontinental' Knitting

Well, after having Porridge, Kippers and fresh orange juice, we used the Nostepinne and made these lovely wool balls

 looking through the ball of wool
 we then practised continental knitting (or as Alison called it -after a pint later on in the day- incontinental knitting), we then used this method to 'do' double/tubular knitting, which we will show the results in the next couple of days.
 After lunch, we went to a beach to collect broken shells so that we can use them with our wire knitting instead of beads

 After having a pub meal drove past our house and just 2 mins by car this was the spectacular scenery
 I love clouds
 and more
we are all feeling a bit jaded after having a great time, doing crazy things and having such a laugh

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Awe Inspiring Wonder of Trees

About 1/2 hours drive from where I live is a lovely little wood. I went there with a friend for a walk a couple of weeks ago. It was extremely calming and inspiring at the same time.
 I was amaaaaazed at the bark of this tree and have tried to copy it in knitting, I havent got there yet but will let you see it when I do
 Isn't nature wonderful

 'Think of the muscles 
a tall tree grows
in it's leg,in its foot,
in its wide-spread toes - 
not to tip over
and fall on its nose
when a wild wind hustles
and tussles and blows.----
Aileen Fisher

 These roots reminded me of friendships, that if they are deeply rooted they will stand the test of time and will become stronger because of tests. Where there are many trees, their roots become intertwined and so together stand stronger than if they are on their own.

 In Bible times 'massive' trees especially Cedar were likened to vigor
Oak trees were/are renowned for their sturdiness and strength

 a few snow drops in the distance
even though the weather was not so favourable, being near nature is always wonderful

Its a Cats Life

Muffin decided that after putting her head on the wee tapestry cushion, that it was not soft enough so she switched places to lay her head on a lovely soft cashmere cushion.
 Cat Napping

Monday, 7 April 2014

Another Hot Water Bottle Cover But Felted

I decided to use these two colours to knit a felted bottle cover
 with a glass of wine
 and it grows
 and grows
 nearly finished
 just casting off, Again only beginning and end yarns to sew up

 sewing in resist to stop inside felting inside together
I put it in the washing machine at 40°
 i was sooooo excited and scared, just wondering if it would end up too tiny, but guess what?
it was just perfect
 da daaaaa

Judi is staying and she can tell you I was like a little child

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Double /Tubular /(magic) Knitted Water Bottle Cover

Denise asked on the March Knitting Retreat if we could just go over the Double knitting again as she had forgotten how to do it, I then thought , why don't we do a hot water bottle cover? It did take longer than the phone sock/cover. you saw in a previous post that  Denise chose the pink and grey, on this one I have knitted it in pink and purple.
You can see in the first picture I have decreased while still doing the double knitting (knitting both side on straight needles, here you can see that doth sides of the neck are still on the needles.

The great thing about double knitting is that there is no sewing up, all you have to do is sew the ends in.

you then turn it inside out and wow, magic!!!!!
I then rolled my hot water bottle (empty) put it through the neck and hey presto !!!!


Just a few photos of the lambing shed
Last year when Mark the night lamber stayed at our B&B, Trudi who was staying here with her Hubby, took him coffee every evening. so when he came and stayed another three weeks, I was under strict instructions to do the same. It is amazing how quiet the sheep are in the lambing shed., compared to when they are out and about.
Mark has moved on to pastures new but hopefully he will be back next year!!!