Sunday, 8 March 2009

St Abbs WoolFestival

The Whole day was a great success, thanks to everyone who had a stand and to all the wonderful customers.
The proceeds from the teas and coffees came to over £120--price to be confirmed when the money in the boat is counted, this is going to the St Abbs Lifeboat.
I managed to take a few pics of the day

My wonderful daughter designed and knitted the big knitting,including the giant knitting needles and Max helped to put it up

amazing wool from the Yarn Yard- Natalie

I think Fiona brought her whole shop
Janice was selling her stash- and yet did she buy more yarn I wonder??

Janic from Flight Weavers had the most amazing scarves and was able to show us how it was done
You could buy the fleece and/or yarn of the individual AlpacasA lovely little model whose Granny knitted this wonderful dress in Noro Blossom-- she did very well to pose on a very cold day
And last but not least the Angora goats-you could just about knit from their coats there and then.
I thought I had taken lots more photos, but now remember that I meant to go back to stand when nobody was at them, sorry that you couldn't see all the stands.