Friday, 29 June 2012

1/2 price sale

                                                Due to relocation we are having a

                                     1/2 PRICE SALE

ALL     NORO ,    DEBBIE BLISS,    LOUISA HARDING, ROWAN.........and much more

the SALE will be on SAT 30th June,SUN 1st July from 2pm 'til 5pm
                       and SAT  7th  July , SUN 8th July  from 2pm 'til 5pm

Monday, 11 June 2012

Times they are a Changing

We are going to move most of our stock to a room in my house, (my landlady has given me the ok)
We will still stock the Arran on cones, Alpaca, Gansey wool, sock yarn, and special wool, inc cashmere!!!!
We will not be stocking, so will be having a sale of Debbie Bliss, Noro and some Adriafil.
The move is happening this month, so please phone 07861389224 to make sure I will be around.

In the future, custom will be by appointment or take a chance that I will be about. 
By doing this I will be able to get on with other work,
Woolfish will still  be doing shows and concentrating more on workshops and knitting retreats.

I am really going to miss the shop and sitting outside meeting lots of people, but hopefully you will pop into say hello and have a coffee with me.

The house is on the farm and has the same postcode as the shop TD14 5QF
The name is 'The Millrace' and the first house on the left on the road to St Abbs Lighthouse.
Your best to catch me on my mobile 07861389224