Friday, 28 March 2014

Felted Tea Pot that is going to change my life !!!!

 I met up with Linda for Lunch and she gave this amaaazing felted Tea Pot.
It is large enough to fit all-maybe not ALL- my little bits that don't have a home, People who know me,know I have 'stuff' dotted about all over the place. (in my view, is that not what makes a house a home!!!!)
it can also double up as a pin cushion

Once again Linda THANK YOU for a lovely prezzie

March Knitting Retreat2014

We had a lovely time
Denise asked if we could go over the double knitting method. so we decided to do a hot water bottle cover.
This is it, you knit both sides together on straight needles and then wow, like magic it opens into a bag.
This is Denise' Hot water bottle sock

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rugs For Sale

We have a few rugs for sale
If you would like one please email Louise and she will send you a paypal money request and she will post it out to you
 Random wool throw   £85
 Mohair throw  £125
 Merino wool throw  £125
purple herringbone   £75

revamped website

At long last we seem to have got our act together and revamped our website
It would be great to see what you think so any ideas/comments please let me know

Dryburgh Abbey Knitting Retreat

Louise from Woolfish will be hosting a knitting Retreat at Dryburgh Abbey in October/2014, November/2014 and Feb/2015
I was invited to a wedding to be held at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel in January, so before I went I looked up the Hotel and it looked lovely, so I arranged to speak to the events manager, Jules. We came up with some dates and very good prices.
Both the wedding and the Hotel turned out to be spectacular.

 just a couple of photos of the happy couple plus horse
one of the Happy Groom and the Happy Aunty (Me)