Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

 A great time was had by one and all at the great and well organized Wool Festival held in the old Corn Exchange Edinburgh

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Maciek and Peter who not only brought loads of 'stuff' to the show for me but helped me set the stand up and in the breakdown as well.
wielkie dzięki
 I haven't exhibited at a show for a wee while but really enjoyed it, nearly forgetting what a great buzz it is

I knitted these Sanquhar Troos for Trudi many years ago and two people came with gloves that they had knitted also in the Sanquhar pattern - very clever.
These gloves were knitted by Tom of Holland - darning and knitting extraordinaire
Hopefully there will be another Edinburgh Yarn Festival next year

February Knitting Retreat

Before I got caught up with all the Edinburgh goings on I had a lovely Knitting Retreat with June.
June was given this Retreat by her husband and I hoped that she would like it.

June baught me this before we even started    No Pressure

It started with a ... Nostepnne , then various cast ons, then continental....

Lavina who was staying as a guest made us lunch so we had to celebrate with a glass of vino
We had to experience knitting in my favourite café- I know its all about ME and what I like to do!!! ;o)
Another visit to Cove Harbour, I don't think I will ever tire of this place.
We had to experience Knitting in a Pub  - (Do I really need an excuse!!!!) 
Mad dash sewing up these slippers so that we could put them in the washing machine
I thought we (I) had gone a bit far in the felting (shrinking) process and June was very kind about it....
Well we worked on them and they fitted like a glove or should I say slipper. Another satisfied customer
As it turned out she was the only one who was signed up to it, I did let her know and told her that she could change it but she decided to go ahead and by her comments and lovely smile I think she enjoyed it.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Reflections of a wonderful Edinburgh Knitting Retreat

What can I say about the Old Observatory House
Well the photos says it all
and we managed to get in some knitting as well.
The Bedrooms were lovely and all had spectacular views

I got up early and managed to see the sun rise through the Edinburgh Monument

 Some 'wee' booties with the monument in the background
We used this room at the top of the house, it still had the domed ceiling and the light was great for knitting

 What an amaaaaaazing building and a privilege to stay in this magical place.
The views were amaaazing, the skies were amaaaazing and the views of Edinburgh were also amaaaazing
is that tooooo many amaaazings?