Friday, 21 February 2014

St Abbs Woolfestivals - a trip down memory lane

Over the past 6/7 years we have been having Woolfestivals in St Abbs,
With a lot of help from the  Woolfish group and lots of friends and family, we started the Woolfestival in St Abbs and started a bi annual tradition, mainly focusing on pure wool.

Because of Trudi not being so well and lots of other contributing factors we had to hand over the reins to, first of all Helen Crowe, and then to Jennie, who is really working very hard to make the Festival stay on the map, she also has her own wonderful yarns and you can find her here.

For more information about this years Woolfestivals please contact Jennie.

The Spring 2014 Woolfestival in St Abbs is on March 1st

Please note that Woolfish will be holding an open day to coincide with the Festival so please come for coffee and have a look at all our wool and special sale items (we are the first house on the left on the road to the light house)

These are all lovely reminders of good times

We wish Jennie all the best in running the St Abbs Woolfestival and hope she has as much fun as we did

Open House on March 1st 2014

I can't believe that it is over a year since I visited my blog.
We are going to have an open day on March the 1st and just because I am a bit hopeless with time I had better put the year 2014   Oh how time flies.
We are combining it with the St Abbs Woolfestival which will be held in the Old School.

 I thought I would put a few photos together of bits that we were getting up to in the last year

 We have had a few knitting retreats that have been wonderful.
The daffodils are wonderful at the moment.