Saturday, 29 September 2007

Swatching again

It has been a lovely day, and as I write this it is blue sky outside the shop.

My Sister Christel and niece Rachel came too see me and we had coffee/lunch outside which was lovely.

I am trying to get this swatch right, still not ok, I am not getting my yo right, any help gratefully received. My latest being the one on the left, the mistakes seem to be repeated at the same spots in both swatches if you turn them round.

What do you think of the swatches? which swatch would be best for the kal (secret of the stole knit a long)?

Friday, 28 September 2007

baby Booties/slippers

Still windy and blustery

Still no ironing done......

Had to knit and finish these baby slippers first

I just thought I would take a few photos of the new yarn that I have just got, I should take more photos of things I have in the shop because what I think looks ok in the flesh, through the eyes of the camera you realize that things are not as orderly as they could be. I am going to be kept busy then you will see a nice orderly yarn display.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wonderful Thursday

Winter is here, whats so wonderful about that you say, well.......
I am surrounded by the most wonderful yarn and just got new kid mohair today from Jeni aka also Alpaca Cashmere and all sorts of other lovely yarns.
I think I will make a different swatch for stole kal.

By the way I did finish of the other slipper but they were nabbed by my daughter, but thought you might enjoy the photos of her wearing them on a blustery wintry day in St Abbs.
I have just come back -having done the 'photo shoot'-to the shop to write this blog, my cheeks are glowing and we both have grins on our faces, watching a rough sea always does that to you.
Trudis grin is because she got caught by a wave.
The whole thing was really exhilarating.

PS can anyone tell me how to just put eg jeni with a link on her name that automatically goes to her web site. It most probably is obvious, but I am a novice at all this and learning as I am going along.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Cozy Foot

I got my knitting mag and in it was a pattern for adult slippers, so I did my own thing and used much thicker yarn than they said and knitted one slipper, cant decide if I should use a pompom or not.

The only thing about doing something that comes in pairs is that you need to do the other one , so that will be my project for tonight, the ironing can be done any time, as can the hoovering ,washing dusting..............

What do you think? with pompom or without?

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hello Again

Lots of things has been happening in my life lately and I am to do too many things all at once and getting nothing done.

My friend Siobhan came over from Ireland and we did nothing, I did try and get her to knit but nothing doing, but she did watch me knit the Secret of the Stole Swatch, and pull it out and knit it and pill it out again and again, this is my first KAL thanks to clarabelle, so thought I should try and do it properly.

Just a little while ago I finished the swatch and thought I would add beads on the second half and was giving myself a pat on the back when, after I took some photos noticed mistakes, I will try and get another swatch done befor the official start which is at the beginning of October.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

wonderful wednesday

What alovely day today, it is so warm and sunny.
Must go to the beach for a swim later.
Yesterday my aunty C came and brought some plums she had picked from her garden, they taste lovely.

I then was sorting things out and need to make a 'to do' list, I came across a mohair throw which I must finish....sometime. Also I just got this Opal 6ply yarn, I wanted to see how it knitted up, I think its great.
Trudi is coming over this evening and we are just going to crash out, just one of those days.
A lady came into the shop today with 2tiny dragons (not real),She bought 2 balls of 10g self patterning yarn to knit them a jumper each, she is going to email the results so watch this space.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Trudis 'Troos'

Over 21 years ago my wonderful daughter Trudi was born, seen here wearing the red 'Alponcho'.
I knitted a few things for her when she was wee, but the worst thing I ever knitted for her was dungarees in - I am nearly ashamed to say it but ........ I was watching my pennies at the time......... get on with it as my friends would say............ I got the yarn really cheap......... OK OK I will tell you...............we lived in Ireland, not far from Navan and it was...............carpet wool ...There I have said it. Who would do that to anybody at all never mind my sweet (she was such a sweetie) little toddler.

Well, I found the dreaded 'troos', they are soooo coarse, I remember getting a book out of the library and choosing this dungaree pattern, it was from an old book of knitting patterns and I always loved the old fashioned ones. I thought I was being so clever, I used to go to my elderly neighbour and she would help me with a lot of my knitting projects.

They look OK from afar.

Since getting my cashmere, I am having fun just knitting bits and pieces just to see how things turn out. I love the 2ply cashmere knitted on 4mm needles. The knitting is sooooooo soft and would make a lovely cardi for a new born baby,mmmmmmmm or for meeee ;D Talk about from one extreme to another.
PS My dear father should be pleased that I have changed 'sitings of Minky Whales' to 'sightings of...'(26/8 blog), why can't the spell checker know what I am thinking or meaning!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx