Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Knitting Retreat & Gardening Scotland

Well it has been a long time since I last put a post up on the blog, mainly to do with changing my computer and not having enoughtime to work things out, I am getting there!!!!!!!!

Well I have been to Gardening Scotland and the held the knitting Retreat since.
Here are a few pics og Gardening Scotland.. and then......

This is the knitting that Trudi made up for our WoolFestival and there was a spare stand so we used it for display.

Thought this would be a nice place to have a knitting retreat

Or this.........mmmmmmm
On to the Knitting Retreat

Well the knitting retreat was v good fun.
I think everyone enjoyed it, including myself. The group gelled realy well and everyone was v rellaxed,

Knitting with beads,

I should have taken more photos, but this gives you just a small indication of what we got up to....he he.... NOT every indication of what we got up to I might add