Thursday, 25 February 2010

A great 2 days

My sisters and I went over to see my parents for a surprise visit and we had a wonderful time
Sat morning-- start of weekend away.
The trees were just wonderful

I left my car in Cove and had to take a couple of photos

the three of us plus wee coz Jeanette
On Sunday we got the train - with bikes , to Lindau and then cycled back to my parents--about 8 - 10 km I'll have you know

Lindau is an island on Lake Constance and is just wonderful

I just loved these trees, Alison did tell me what they were called but I have forgotten

We had to have hot chocolate here

The infamous Five

Darcy Bussle watch out !!!
Or should I say vicar of Dibley

Back home on Monday
What a great time we all had

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Knaked Knitted Bags

After some snow last night, we have wonderful blue sky this morning.

I thought I would let you see some bags we have been making, most of them are going to be lined
The bags are knitted without needles (hence Knaked

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sock Yarn

Just a few Balls of sock yarn, they all knit up with a fairisle effect
they are 100g
£7.50 each
Plus P&P if you would like me to post them out to you

Monday, 15 February 2010

Photos within a 5mile radius of Woolfish and me

I was looking for some photos and thought I would put these up on the blog,
I think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (not that I have seen the whole world). What do you think??
If you don't agree why not send me a photo of what you think is the most beautiful place in the world. Wonderful St Abbs Head

Can you believe these photos were taken a couple of weeks apart, also that there is about 200mtrs between these two photos
I know these are photos taken in Jan but thought they were great

my poor car

I love seeing St Abbs harbour with snow, a sight you don't see very often
The village Hall, No it doesn't always have the needles attached, but just a reminder about the Wool Festival in St Abbs on the 27th February

this is just one of the best views from Woolfish shop and I love the colour of the sky

I just love a rough sea

This is a beach that I (and my family) call cowrie bay, I walked here just over a week ago and managed to find 37cowries, a friend managed to get 74 just a couple of days before, she did gloat a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

these two beaches are directly next to each other. one is stoney and one is sandy. Why/how does that happen?????

This is just a small part of the sandy beach(coldingham bay)

I try and go swimming (when it gets a little warmer) here early in the morning,
others come sometimes so if you want to join just give me a call
Rose, a young lady who came into the shop, took this lovely picture of a new bunch
snow drops a couple of weeks ago,
I should have put it here a while ago

Some New Lanark Cones

I hope to put these photos on the woolfish web site but in the meantime you can see the colours here

Linda knitted this Jacket, she is the fastest knitter I know