Friday, 18 September 2009

London here we come

our big knits went down well, this dress was great fun

The big knitted hats and scarves were also a 'big' hit

The Aran cones were a good replacement for more expensive Aran wool
This Jacket is an adaptation of a Debbie Bliss pattern with a few changes but the yarn is New Lanark Aran which worked very well. The Book is 'Design it Knit it' and is a wonderful tool to help you adapt and design things to suit you and your body shape.
This Jacket was very kindly knitted by Linda who is one of the fastest knitters I have seen, it was very much admired.

A good time was had by one and all

Another wonderful model

Will you look at these socks, wonderful aren't they, the owner proudly showing of the socks his wife knitted

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

look what my mummy knitted me

Another wonderful model,
She is showing us two hats of 'Lucy's Latest Hat Collection'
This hat is knitted out of wool Lucy has spun - one of her first projects!!!!!!
Isn't she clever?!!!!!!

This Pixie hat Lucy knitted out of a wonderful Felted (not spun) wool

Didn't our model do well?

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Anne's Cashmere Jacket

Anne came into the shop about a year ago and bought our 2ply Cashmere, she saw a picture of a jacket that she liked - I think it was knitted in Rialto Aran, she came up with her own design and this wonderful jacket.

There are some v clever people about, Isn't this wonderful

Rain and more rain

We have had soooo much rain recently and I think winter has come overnight.
BUT..... The sky has been amazing, all these are from the shop,
I love it here.

I think this one (below) is my favourite.