Wednesday, 5 September 2007

wonderful wednesday

What alovely day today, it is so warm and sunny.
Must go to the beach for a swim later.
Yesterday my aunty C came and brought some plums she had picked from her garden, they taste lovely.

I then was sorting things out and need to make a 'to do' list, I came across a mohair throw which I must finish....sometime. Also I just got this Opal 6ply yarn, I wanted to see how it knitted up, I think its great.
Trudi is coming over this evening and we are just going to crash out, just one of those days.
A lady came into the shop today with 2tiny dragons (not real),She bought 2 balls of 10g self patterning yarn to knit them a jumper each, she is going to email the results so watch this space.

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clarabelle said...

The weather was so wonderful yesterday here as well, just a bit further down the east coast from you! I'd love to visit your shop, but we're just a bit too far away - perhaps our next visit to Scotland?

Can't believe you've still got your daughter's troos? They look amazing, btw!