Thursday, 27 September 2007

Wonderful Thursday

Winter is here, whats so wonderful about that you say, well.......
I am surrounded by the most wonderful yarn and just got new kid mohair today from Jeni aka also Alpaca Cashmere and all sorts of other lovely yarns.
I think I will make a different swatch for stole kal.

By the way I did finish of the other slipper but they were nabbed by my daughter, but thought you might enjoy the photos of her wearing them on a blustery wintry day in St Abbs.
I have just come back -having done the 'photo shoot'-to the shop to write this blog, my cheeks are glowing and we both have grins on our faces, watching a rough sea always does that to you.
Trudis grin is because she got caught by a wave.
The whole thing was really exhilarating.

PS can anyone tell me how to just put eg jeni with a link on her name that automatically goes to her web site. It most probably is obvious, but I am a novice at all this and learning as I am going along.

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