Monday, 24 September 2007

Cozy Foot

I got my knitting mag and in it was a pattern for adult slippers, so I did my own thing and used much thicker yarn than they said and knitted one slipper, cant decide if I should use a pompom or not.

The only thing about doing something that comes in pairs is that you need to do the other one , so that will be my project for tonight, the ironing can be done any time, as can the hoovering ,washing dusting..............

What do you think? with pompom or without?


Artis-Anne said...

Your my type of girl, blow the ironing and the housework etc. lets get the priorities right here :)
The first one looks lovely & cosy and I hope the second flew off the needles for you

clarabelle said...

Definitely with pompom! I think they look really cute (and very cozy).