Saturday, 22 September 2007

Hello Again

Lots of things has been happening in my life lately and I am to do too many things all at once and getting nothing done.

My friend Siobhan came over from Ireland and we did nothing, I did try and get her to knit but nothing doing, but she did watch me knit the Secret of the Stole Swatch, and pull it out and knit it and pill it out again and again, this is my first KAL thanks to clarabelle, so thought I should try and do it properly.

Just a little while ago I finished the swatch and thought I would add beads on the second half and was giving myself a pat on the back when, after I took some photos noticed mistakes, I will try and get another swatch done befor the official start which is at the beginning of October.


clarabelle said...

Yay! Another Secret of the Stole knitter! I haven't been in a KAL before, so we're in the same boat. I really fancy doing this one though, because it's a mystery one... very exciting!

What yarn are you using? I've got some Jamieson's Ultra in Opal, which I haven't tried before, and some opalescent beads. Can't wait!

Artis-Anne said...

And me and me :)
but as yet I haven't done a swatch and time is running out FAST