Sunday, 2 September 2007

Trudis 'Troos'

Over 21 years ago my wonderful daughter Trudi was born, seen here wearing the red 'Alponcho'.
I knitted a few things for her when she was wee, but the worst thing I ever knitted for her was dungarees in - I am nearly ashamed to say it but ........ I was watching my pennies at the time......... get on with it as my friends would say............ I got the yarn really cheap......... OK OK I will tell you...............we lived in Ireland, not far from Navan and it was...............carpet wool ...There I have said it. Who would do that to anybody at all never mind my sweet (she was such a sweetie) little toddler.

Well, I found the dreaded 'troos', they are soooo coarse, I remember getting a book out of the library and choosing this dungaree pattern, it was from an old book of knitting patterns and I always loved the old fashioned ones. I thought I was being so clever, I used to go to my elderly neighbour and she would help me with a lot of my knitting projects.

They look OK from afar.

Since getting my cashmere, I am having fun just knitting bits and pieces just to see how things turn out. I love the 2ply cashmere knitted on 4mm needles. The knitting is sooooooo soft and would make a lovely cardi for a new born baby,mmmmmmmm or for meeee ;D Talk about from one extreme to another.
PS My dear father should be pleased that I have changed 'sitings of Minky Whales' to 'sightings of...'(26/8 blog), why can't the spell checker know what I am thinking or meaning!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx


Pollianicus said...

The dungarees look very cute - but I don't want to stroke them - hee!!

Would that cashmere 2ply work well for lace knitting??

Artis-Anne said...

They do look lovely though LOL