Saturday, 25 August 2007

sunny saturday

What started out to be a bit chilly blustery day turned out to be a wonderful sunny day,
Lots of yarn talk, i was just saying to V. another yarn addict who came into the shop today, I don't know about anyone else,but the more I touch yarn, read about yarn the more I want to do and experiment with,but here is the main thing--- the more I realize I don't know a thing about yarn, there is so much out there and so many skilled people.
I must tell you about a knitted garment someone brought into the shop ( I ask people to bring things in to show me) Well she brought in her Grey Hound ( yes the 4legged variety) wearing a dog jumper that its mistress had made out of a self patterning pure wool yarn. She is going to take a photo and email it to me so I will put it on display when I can
I have a house full of B&B guests as its the bank holiday weekend so I had better go and look after them


clarabelle said...

I don't know anything much about yarn and how it's put together, if you know what I mean, but I know what feels good to knit with and what doesn't!

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday!

y said...

just checking in for a weather report.....sounds promising! y & m x