Saturday, 5 April 2014

Double /Tubular /(magic) Knitted Water Bottle Cover

Denise asked on the March Knitting Retreat if we could just go over the Double knitting again as she had forgotten how to do it, I then thought , why don't we do a hot water bottle cover? It did take longer than the phone sock/cover. you saw in a previous post that  Denise chose the pink and grey, on this one I have knitted it in pink and purple.
You can see in the first picture I have decreased while still doing the double knitting (knitting both side on straight needles, here you can see that doth sides of the neck are still on the needles.

The great thing about double knitting is that there is no sewing up, all you have to do is sew the ends in.

you then turn it inside out and wow, magic!!!!!
I then rolled my hot water bottle (empty) put it through the neck and hey presto !!!!

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