Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day 2 of April Retreat- 'Incontinental' Knitting

Well, after having Porridge, Kippers and fresh orange juice, we used the Nostepinne and made these lovely wool balls

 looking through the ball of wool
 we then practised continental knitting (or as Alison called it -after a pint later on in the day- incontinental knitting), we then used this method to 'do' double/tubular knitting, which we will show the results in the next couple of days.
 After lunch, we went to a beach to collect broken shells so that we can use them with our wire knitting instead of beads

 After having a pub meal drove past our house and just 2 mins by car this was the spectacular scenery
 I love clouds
 and more
we are all feeling a bit jaded after having a great time, doing crazy things and having such a laugh

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