Monday, 21 April 2014

And More from the April Retreat

Even though we started this phone sock yesterday, here we have Alison casting off, which is so exciting just seeing the knitting open up

 and then turning it right side out (the way we/Louise knits the Double knitting is Wrong side out)

Didn't she do well???!!!!
 This is some simple lace knitting. also we learnt how to attach beads as you are knitting, instead of adding beads on to the yarn
Isn't it very effective
Can you remember when we went to the beach looking for shells....

Well... we took them home and washed them
we then threaded them onto the wire
Can you believe that both these girls had never knitted with wire before and look what the achieved, I thought their bead placement was wonderful

You know.... even though after the Retreat I was dead tired, I thoroughly enjoyed being host to two wonderful girls, I laughed loads, and had a really enjoyable time( Is that allowed, when \i am running the thing)

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Sixpenny Rose said...

Louise , had a wonderful time on your retreat the best most fun couple of days I've had in ages. You're a wonderful hostess , not surprised you were ' shattered' after we left ! Would highly recommend your retreat I'll definitely be coming again
Sue xxx
P s Am still knitting 'Louise's ' way ... What a good teacher !! :)