Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The 'Twins'

Also in September we another Retreat, that's when Debs and Jo came, they are identical twins!!!!
and I sure I bored them with all the usual chat about twins, BUT
they were not only amaaaazing knitters but prolific too.
They kept showing me all these photos of various projects
No pressure!!!!! aaaaagh
Yet they want to come back and bring friends.
To be honest I think they like the knitting environment, not that I can teach them, because they could teach me a thing or two, although they were very kind and said they did go home with a few new skills
 Lace Knitting
OOOOOOOps and we HAD to go to the Coffee Shop, The girls liked it they even went there twice!!!!

I corrected these photos before I downloaded them but the came here like this, I suppose if you stand on your head you will see who is in the photos

Instead of doing a Bracelet, Debs (I think) made this and if I canfind it I will look out a photo of a candle burning in the glass

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