Monday, 10 November 2014

Catching Up - Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

I arrived early at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel and created a 'wee' shop
we sat at this window with a view of the Tweed. it was so easy to be distracted by all the squirrels collecting nuts and burying them, the views were amaaaazing
Many looked roung the Abbey on the first afternoon which they found fascinating
Olive was a wonderful character and her knitting was great, she had a couple of jumpers she had made and is obviously a perfectionist, as was Sheila's knitting, it was extremely fine and delicate.
Olives niece Sue, said she didn't do so much knitting but the tubular/double knitting was perfect
 We had a wander round Loch Carrin Mill, I hadn't been here before, but made up for lost time.It was well worth a visit and hope to look at it again next week

 A little old loom as well as lovely yarn
A good time was had by all, although poor Pat was not very well especially on the last day.
It was a shame, we were going to do invisible mending and I had organised to do that on our last morning but Pat was not very well.
I would like to say that I was very impressed with all the projects that both Pat and her sister Audrey had done, especially the blanket which was covered in Swiss darned birds

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