Friday, 30 November 2012

Treasure Hunting

So good news.... and bad news. I always prefer the bad news first!
 A few months ago Trudi was taken by ambulance to hospital after feeling pretty ill. Extensive tests, a beastly doctor (just one) and a week later, she was sent home diagnosed with an acute gastric virus and chronic fatigue syndrome...which is pretty rubbish.
 Good news - I can still go and kidnap her and take her out for a couple of hours which we both love and always feel like two naughty schoolgirls skiving!
 Last week we went to South Queensferry......via North Queensferry....I took the wrong turn and we ended up crossing the Forth Road Bridge....oops! But we decided to explore and it was lovely.
And we enjoyed ourselves as you can clearly see! After giggles and trainspotting we returned back over the bridge to South Queensferry, managed to get Trudi down the steps to the beach and discovered treasure (can't tell you - you'll have to discover it yourselves but you may see glimpses of it in future posts!) which we popped in our pockets. Warmed up in here, really nice with fab view.
Can you spot this wee urchin treasure hunting?!

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