Monday, 19 November 2012


We've moved!!!!!! And sooo much to tell you about!

Introducing ....... THE LITTLE WOOLFISH SHOP ....... ta-da!

The lovely baby llama 'Miski' and some fine alpaca
'Sierra Andina'
 Still crammed full of our great range of yarns, buttons, etc (actually really crammed full - we ran out of room!)

Sooo pretty - the cloud-like 'Kid Mohair'
Our classics - Wendy Geurnsey, Rennie Aran and stunning
Elliot Tweeds

So yes we have finally moved, come on over 
and check out the new premises.
We are now open 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and by appointment so 

give Louise a buzz if you fancy popping in.
07861389 224

(P.S We pinky promise that there will be regular
blogs from now (Trudi's in charge!))

(P.P.S There's new stuff on the
website too - Open House,
Retreats, Shows,
Workshops......phew!, check it out)


Judi said...

It all looks lovely Louise, hope it goes well. I'm hoping to get to another retreat in the new year. XX

Woolfish said...

It would be lovely to see you again especialy for a retreat