Monday, 15 February 2010

Photos within a 5mile radius of Woolfish and me

I was looking for some photos and thought I would put these up on the blog,
I think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (not that I have seen the whole world). What do you think??
If you don't agree why not send me a photo of what you think is the most beautiful place in the world. Wonderful St Abbs Head

Can you believe these photos were taken a couple of weeks apart, also that there is about 200mtrs between these two photos
I know these are photos taken in Jan but thought they were great

my poor car

I love seeing St Abbs harbour with snow, a sight you don't see very often
The village Hall, No it doesn't always have the needles attached, but just a reminder about the Wool Festival in St Abbs on the 27th February

this is just one of the best views from Woolfish shop and I love the colour of the sky

I just love a rough sea

This is a beach that I (and my family) call cowrie bay, I walked here just over a week ago and managed to find 37cowries, a friend managed to get 74 just a couple of days before, she did gloat a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

these two beaches are directly next to each other. one is stoney and one is sandy. Why/how does that happen?????

This is just a small part of the sandy beach(coldingham bay)

I try and go swimming (when it gets a little warmer) here early in the morning,
others come sometimes so if you want to join just give me a call
Rose, a young lady who came into the shop, took this lovely picture of a new bunch
snow drops a couple of weeks ago,
I should have put it here a while ago


Anonymous said...

Ezmeralda says

great pics what a place bootiful

Anonymous said...

Ezmerelada says

happy woolfest for woolfish and all nittas