Thursday, 25 February 2010

A great 2 days

My sisters and I went over to see my parents for a surprise visit and we had a wonderful time
Sat morning-- start of weekend away.
The trees were just wonderful

I left my car in Cove and had to take a couple of photos

the three of us plus wee coz Jeanette
On Sunday we got the train - with bikes , to Lindau and then cycled back to my parents--about 8 - 10 km I'll have you know

Lindau is an island on Lake Constance and is just wonderful

I just loved these trees, Alison did tell me what they were called but I have forgotten

We had to have hot chocolate here

The infamous Five

Darcy Bussle watch out !!!
Or should I say vicar of Dibley

Back home on Monday
What a great time we all had

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the happy quilter said...

Lovely photos - sounds like you had a great time.