Sunday, 4 January 2009

St Abbs WoolFestival /08-photos

Nov 8th seems soooo long ago, but some kind generous soul gave me some photos of it today,

Here are some photos
ooooooooooops, I didn't realize I had time to stop but someone cought me

this was everyone setting up, later on it was sooo busy , it would have been so hard to take a photo.

it was nice to see young ones taking an interest in knitting--By the comment young- now that i have turned 50 ---(50 - only old people are 50) I still feel a young one.
I have other photos of felting and the Harrogate knitting and Stitching Show, but in view of the time I am going to go home(i am not on the net at home)only in the shop. I will get to that another time. x

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