Monday, 19 January 2009

and more amazing knits

Look at these amazing socks - sorry I meant to say this sock as number 2 is being put on the back burner, - knitted by someone who has never knitted a pair of sock in her whole life.
She was advised by a lady to knit a 2 needly sock and this is IT.
I personaly prefer to knit on the round, I think it is easier in the longrun.

and yet another view of the SAME SOCK

Now for some serious...knitting..... What do you think of these Tea Cozies?

This is my favourite


Anonymous said...

the wild t cozies are stunning and they would also make great wild hats


Anonymous said...

wow wot sox and dainty feet this nitta is no beginna !

wooly sox

The Happy Quilter said...

Socks are good but once you've mastered one the enthusiasm sort of wanes, I still haven't finished my second sock. I like the tea cosies, I knit a Noro hat very like the first one!! Happy Knitting!!

Anonymous said...

ezmerelda says soc 2 has been started I am even more enthusiastic to learn to do without the pattern. The soc wool is really stimulating to work with try it.

Anonymous said...

ezmerelda says she has started a new pair of sox for sweetheart ( thats another pair )It quite easyish once you get going

Anonymous said...

Ezmerelelda says ola from the atlantic.

All by myself its soo exciting I have just turned the heal of my sox with the sound and views of the sunny atlantic.