Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Jeanettes Pics

A number of years ago I sold , in my shop in Ireland, Philipa Turnbulls Crewel Work Kits.My little coz started to do the same one as me, and she emailed me a piture, it hasn't been made into a cushion yet but is absolutely fabulous. mine? I am ashamed to say -despite teaching Crewel Work - is no more than 1/4 done, maybe in another few years it will be finished.
She also sent me these photos of her latest project, she is one clever lass, She is also selling these and Fimo figures on Ebay.

I have done another swatch for SotS with yo done the correct way, All I need to do now is work out how to do the lace cast off, then I will be all set to start the stole.

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clarabelle said...

You're getting me all worried about The Secret of the Stole now, Louise! The YOs done the right way? And the lace cast off?

It really can't be all that difficult if you know the basic stitches, and there's loads of people ready to help if you get stuck (or I get stuck!).