Monday, 22 October 2007

At Last

At last I have finished hint 2 of the Stole Knit a long.

I am not too keen my stole compared to others , mybe its the yarn I am using, or maybe I should dye the stole when it is finished.

I hope this KAL will motivate me to finish it though, I have a list of UFO's (thats un-finished objects Mother if you are reading this, just in case you think I am going totally crazy)

Now on to Hint 3, and if I get a move on I maight catch up before the next hint is up.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Your stole is looking quite lovely. I am hoping to finish clue 3 today so I can at least be up to date on this one. Glad I could help you with definitions. :)

Nautical Knitter said...


I love your stole. I am making one now out of the same yarn and I figured that I would wear it as a "white" stole for a while and then dye it once it tells me what color it wants to be. Yours is turning out beautifully.

katknits>^..^ said...

Oh! I think your stole is lovely! I wouldn't change a thing... in the white it has a snowy, frosty appearance that is quite charming... you are doing a fantastic job!

clarabelle said...

I think your stole looks great, Louise! The pale colour really shows up the pattern well. Take deep breaths and enjoy!

LUL said...

It look great. Mine is white too and I'll dye it afterwards. The thought of how easy it get dirty and the number of times I'd then have to block it...noway.
Other peoples work always look better in blogland 'cos you can't see all the little irregularities. But they all dissapear upon blocking