Friday, 7 December 2012

Fishy Assistants and Consultants!

The big fish had a business lunch on Wednesday with her wonderful, fandabbydozey, best-thing-since-sliced-bread(well the big fish seems to think so anyway!) consultant:

Okaaay, so yes, her consultant IS her daughter Trudi aka wee fish.....but she does seem to do a reasonable job - consulting not daughtering!
So as a result of the big fish getting organized you may have noticed that the website is undergoing a few changes and our apologies for any awkwardnesses you may have come across but sometimes it gets higglety-pigglety before it can get streamlined - just like us really - but Louise's assistant is sorting it all out:

When we keep her from being distacted that is! 
Oooooh, ball of WOOL! Plotting attack route...

So there you have it, website being renewed, blog getting regular posts and the big fish being nagged for more retreat dates......the assistant and consultant have it all under control...ish!

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