Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Wonderful Models

This young lady came into the shop with her family, they are on holiday, and her younger brother is called Tim.
Well I asked her if she would like to model this dress which was a work in progress.
As you can see she said yes.

I had promised people that the dress pattern would be on my web site by the end of today, so needed to work on one,
I pulled most of the above out and came up with the one here below, the pattern will ( the will is more for my benefit)be on before 12 midnight!!!!

Another great model!!!
This is Grace and she has just finished knitting this 'Elizebeth Zimmermans Adult Surprise Jacket' in the Rowan Kafe Fasset Yarn. It is truly amazing, don't you agree, - one clever lady!!
BTW you can buy this yarn in a wee shop called Woolfish

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spritlyknitter said...

I have been looking at your post's wow all looks great and some fun in there too I love the pic's of the sea wow.