Sunday, 12 October 2008

Wool free yarn

For those of you looking for a yarn without wool I have picked out these following 3 pictures

The above is Debbie Bliss Stella and is 60%silk 20%rayon 20%cotton and I think the colours are just lovely.The suggested needle size for this yarn is 5mm so to be treated as Aran, we do have pattern books for this yarn and the Araucania but why splash out on more books when you might have the perfect one in your own pattern collection.

If you would like to see one or two pictures of things knitted up in these lovely yarns i could post them here.

These 2 pictures show the hand dyed Araucania, it is 100%pima cotton and calls for 6mm needles so look out patterns that are a good Aran weight or slightly chunky.

Now this Da Masi does have wool in it, it is great for knitting scarves but you do need two or three balls. I have used it for knitting my dropped stitch scarf pattern, If anyone would like the pattern, please just ask.

It is just the best yarn to use though with an embellisher, you can see that it is like flat cut felt which, as you can imagine is ideal.

Hope this is of some help to those who were wanting to see colours and types of these particular yarns.

If I can be of any help in any way just ask. Thanks

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artexplorer said...

What a wonderful new yarns! Wish I was in St. Abbs again...
I have started with felting some of the wool that I bought at your shop, last May on our holiday. Some pictures are available of the felted pieces as well:
You will find them under June 2008.

Jacqueline from The Netherlands