Saturday, 26 July 2008

Retro Yarn

Before I start going on about yarn, I must just mention a lady who came into the shop today,her name is Joan, she is an amazing elderly lady, anyway she asked if I had some cheaper wool because she crochets hats for an orphanage in Romania, she has made about 180 so far and her goal is to make 800 , one for each child in the orphanage/s she crochets for.
she likes oddments and because of trying to get change I just didn't think to give her some wool that I have tucked away,please if her grand daughter who was with her is reading this please tell her I have some more yarn for her hats.
Anyway we have just got this yarn in, it is Retro by Adriafil, I knitted one ball up and it is amazing, I would like to make a tea cozy and then felt it, I know I am mad because it is wonderful as it is but it is made up of 96%wool so I am just interested in how it will turn out

Wonderful isn't it, I am hopefully going to felt it tonight if I just get on and knit the other half of the tea cozy, Hopefully you will see the finished product tomorrow.

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