Friday, 21 March 2008

Woolfish is back

At Last I have found my camera, and I have been V busy, I have got lots of new yarn or should I say wool. I have to live up to the name of the shop Woolfish.

I was at a trade show recently and someone was trying to sell me all this 'acrylic' yarn,I told him no that I didn't want 100%acrylic, he kept on trying to persuade me, in the end I told him that the name of my shop was Woolfish not Acrylicfish or Yarnfish but on saying that I did buy a little acrylic, I must learn to say NO NO NO. There is soooooooo much fabulous yarns around and I think I have bought too much.

We also went a little mad with the throws from Selkirk.

When I say WE, I now have help, a wonderful 21year old girl called Trudi, actually I am a bit biased. Trudi is my daughter and I am delighted that she is going to be working with me.

I am posting a couple of pictures of mohair throws for S just to let her see the colours, I love the mohair and they are £95 each.

It is great being back in the shop after being in the cafe over the winter, I tell you that was hard work and yet I think I will do it next year and because Trudi will be with me full time I think we should have the two running together.

Now that I back in circulation, I am going to try and keep regular blogs, so watch this space

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Unknown said...

love your new look shop! it looks as tho i'll need to visit again to see all this beautiful new stock you're telling us about and in your interesting-angle-photos. i already have the black 'alponcho' which i love, its so stylish dressed up or down, but have you got any other colours in your new stocks? great to have you back, keep entertaining us with your blogs, hoping to come to one of your workshops soon, t.l. martin. : )