Monday, 21 January 2008


Today we had another knitting workshop and all ( even though it was just a few) seemed to enjoy it.

The next workshop is on Thursday and we are planning to do some hand sewn patchwork, this should be good fun and saves on having to carry a sewing machine around.

I am arranging other workshops for February , more patchwork, crewelwork, knitting a heavy duty shopping bag using up all those dreadful plastic shopping bags, and what about crochet, is there anyone out there fancy doing any crochet?

I need to get new batteries for my camera and take some more of our lovely frosty days or winter stormy seas. I think St Abbs is at its best in a storm - as long as I am warm. Not so good for the divers though.

Talking of divers.... and walkers I might add.....I am going to do a B&B a bit more seriously, so if any of you are looking for a place to stay Louise's B&B is the place, really relaxed, just next to the national Trust and within walking distance to St Abbs Harbour, there are some divers who already stay with us and they are great fun.


the happy quilter said...

Just started knitting my sock kit, it's magic the way the pattern appears. Good luck with your workshops and the B&B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Louise,
Greetings from the San Juanisles Washington USA, I do crochet, for 20 years, now I found a neat idea using plastic bags, cut then horisonally, make long narrow strips either splilce together or tape ends together sc a plastic bag. use for groceries. Cheers, Christine email